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Colours of the Hamptons

by Coastal Style NZ


The coastal and Hamptons styles have captivated interior design enthusiasts with their timeless elegance and relaxed sophistication. If you're looking to infuse your space with the charm of coastal living or the refined beauty of the Hamptons, selecting the right colours is essential. Here we explore some key colours that can help you achieve the perfect Hamptons style look, drawing inspiration from a couple of NZ experts.

According to Dulux New Zealand, achieving the Hamptons coastal look involves "a white or soft neutral palette, aimed at amplifying natural light and making rooms feel spacious and bright". They suggest using a combination of warm whites, soft blues and greens and neutral greys - and this can not only work for the interior, but also the exterior of a house, where white trims teamed with a soft neutral is a key characteristic of the Hamptons aesthetic.

Hamptons Style Soft Green Hamptons Style Soft Blue Hamptons Style Neutral Grey 

Resene New Zealand draws on a Kapiti Coast Beach house to provide valuable insights on Hamptons style colour schemes. They suggest the use of dusty blues and soft whites to create a calming and inviting coastal atmosphere, whilst not overwhelming the stunning scenery that can be seen outside the beautiful home.

Hamptons Dusty BlueHamptons Soft White


Dulux also suggests weaving in natural materials and furnishings, such as wicker, linen and rattan, along with layered accessories that introduce plenty of texture.  Think jute rugs, fluted glass and thick weave cushions and throws.

Natural Jute RugFluted Glass Lantern
Thick Weave Tassel CushionCream Thick Weave Throw


So go ahead, embrace these colours and transform your space into a coastal retreat or a Hamptons haven that exudes timeless elegance and tranquility.

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